Our dentist and team take great care in crafting beautiful smiles for each of our patients. If you are curious to see the work of our excellent team, please feel free to take a look at our smile gallery below! To schedule your first visit for dental care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we welcome you to contact Rittenhouse Dental Group today at 215-546-2311 and ask for Dr. Jian Huang.


Patient G. has always hated the way his front teeth looked, preventing him from smiling and feeling his best. This has been especially challenging because his line of work is face to face. When discussing his options, he wanted something that was minimally invasive and affordable. With just two crowns on his front teeth and whitening, we were able to totally transform his smile and bring back his confidence. When you look your best, you feel your best!

Patient S. spends his days working directly with clients. His main concern was that his smile would prevent him from developing a successful business. He wanted a smile that was white and professional with longevity. His main goal was to achieve this smile without altering the structure or integrity of his natural teeth. Dr. Huang determined a Snap-On-Smile would be his best option. With a Snap-On-Smile, Patient S. was able to achieve that dream smile he was looking for, all without needles, pain or altering and reshaping of his natural tooth structure. The appliance was specially customized to his smile and snaps directly onto his teeth, blending naturally into his gum line. Patient S. was so happy with the results, he told Dr. Huang that it has completely changed his life.



Patient E. has never liked his gap. He needed a smile that would match his personality and remain in his budget. In just one visit, Dr. Huang was able to close his gap with composite veneers on his front teeth. He was ecstatic that his front teeth blended so naturally and perfectly matched the rest of his smile.

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